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Delightful Tipping

The future of tipping is here. Tipss is a Person-to-Service money transfer app. Tipss lets you use your smart device to tip securely and easily to millions of helpful people, across the US, with a single touch. Tipss makes it simple to send small amounts of money to those that provide great service and more.

Tippers link their debit and credit card accounts to digitally transfer money. Tippers often use the service to take care of someone at the valet, the car wash even to those managing the town’s hottest events. Never worry about having cash on hand for every day tipping. Help us support a mission of generosity for those that make the world better. Just look for the T near your service person to know when to geo-connect. Go Cashless. Be Generous.

Insanely Simple Tipping. Tip with a tap!